HCANS offers a full range of cloud computing services and advanced infrastructure Houston businesses can rely on.

There have been significant advances in technology, and cloud computing services drive the majority of the dramatic change within Houston organizations. Regardless of whether you have a traditional data center, multi-cloud or hybrid environment, HCANS can help you move forward and take advantage of the digital transformation impacting your business.

We offer flat-rate digital solutions that fit your needs and offer scalability, so you’ll never have to worry about costs you can’t cover. With no additional technology staff needed, and no initial capital investment required, you can direct your budget to more important business growth initiatives, and leave the implementation to us.

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How we store information is changing. The need to move away from physical storage has grown over the past decade. That is because the cost of physical hardware has increased, and the demand for more efficient services has grown. That’s why cloud computing is enormously popular with businesses all over the world.

Migrating from physical to digital offers you enterprise-level tools that help reduce costs, increase efficiency and innovate faster. In addition to mitigating the risks and costs associated with developing your own in-house IT infrastructure, online storage also allows you to increase your competitive edge, better serve your customers and drive better business outcomes. With HCANS, you receive the most comprehensive cloud hosting services in Houston.

  • Storage of all of your information off-site, which means there is no longer a need for costly, bulky storage solutions.
  • Access the data you need from anywhere. In the office, home office or even on the road. Mobile apps can help with this fluidity.
  • There’s no risk of any physical storage breaking down or being compromised.
  • Restore any local data you may have lost in a matter of clicks.
  • Guaranteed uptime for your critical applications for optimal workplace productivity.
  • Integrate a series of popular programs and resources to work with you.

All in all, migrating to the cloud helps to make things more efficient and more manageable for everyone involved.

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Real Client Experiences

East Texas Precast is a privately owned business with over 200 employees, but since we have a limited office personnel, we didn’t need in-house IT support, but did need a quick response when IT problems arose. In the past, we had used a service where technicians would visit our site, but this would sometimes take days to occur. In addition, we found the only financially feasible way to use this service was to wait until several IT problems piled up. With HCANS, we were able to develop a solution that is fiscally responsible and allows us to receive timely IT solutions. HCANS’ remote software allows their staff to correct problems as they occur, and with their simple help desk system, we can receive near-immediate feedback if problems occur. In addition, HCANS has become our one-stop shop for all our IT needs, as we can purchase new equipment from them. Most importantly though, HCANS operates more like a member of our business than just a consultant. They not only understand our computer network and our IT needs, but as people. They have been to events in our lives, both professional and personal. Whether it’s a vendor or a client, that something that I look for in a business partner.

Chris Romani, Sales Associate, East Texas Precast

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