Cybersecurity services are a vital part of any Houston businesses technology environment. With a record number of attacks in the last year, protecting your information is crucial to keeping your business running.

On average, there are more than 4,000 cyber-attacks launched per day in the United States. Once an attack occurs, the most important elements are the speed and effectiveness of the response. HCANS provides both on-site and remote responses to threats and incident investigations, reducing the incident’s impact on your organization and allowing for the fastest remediation time-frames.

A Complete Range of Network Security Services

While prevention is always better than the alternative, sometimes things happen. However, the response is often the difference between a successful recovery or business destruction. HCANS helps you create a structured, and well-prepared, custom incident response plan, as it makes all the difference when an attack occurs. Whether you have a small or medium-sized business, we can provide the most robust security services that align with your vision and budget. Our cybersecurity services include:

  • Emergency Response
  • Incident Response
  • Remediation Services
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Emergency
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Firewall Protection
  • Email & Identity
  • Security Auditing
  • Assessments
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Solution Design & Implementation
  • Patch Management & Version Control
  • Penetration Testing

Statistics show that small businesses are at more risk of being hacked than ever before because of what’s going on. From endpoints to data centers, to the device in your hand, HCANS has a proven track record of preventing and resolving all security issues. As we know that every organization is different, we create customized plans based on your risk profile, budget and compliance requirements. Instead of a one-size-fits-all model, our network security plans cover everything from the must-have basics to enterprise-level protection.

Cybersecurity Houston
Real Client Experiences
We have been working with HCANS for over a decade and the service we receive is second to none. We run 8 stand alone sleep diagnostic labs across the city of Houston and the team at HCANS ensures that they are running at their full capability at all times. They understand that when a lab goes down or cannot operate, we lose business. They also manage the network of servers that is essential to our business, even virtualizing some programs to ensure reliability. Effective utilization of remote access allows our doctors and sleep technicians to quickly analyze lab results and transfer the data without issues. All data is stored in a safe, HIPAA compliant manner and HCANS continually reassures us of that.
Steve Cela, CEO, Apnix Sleep Diagnostics

Robust Network & Cybersecurity Services

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