Ensure that your organization has sophisticated and efficient network structured cabling that adheres to industry standards and allows your organization to thrive now and into the future.

Network structured cabling and wiring are the backbone to your efficiency. It needs to be built to support your organization for flexible growth and digital connectivity. Many businesses don’t think about the foundation of their network until a problem has already occurred. When something goes wrong and a connection fails, it can be incredibly detrimental not only to your data, but to your whole organization and bank account as well. With HCANS, our team of expert technicians can build the structured cabling your organization needs and ensure it is always up and running.

Structured Network Cabling Services You Can Trust

It’s important to work with the experts when it comes to your cabling needs. When you choose to work with HCANS, you’re choosing to get:

  • Up to Code Installation – Many structured cable installation companies disregard code completely when it comes to creating a network. We are not only aware of Houston’s code, but each installation meets or exceeds all city codes.
  • Quality Service – Our experts will install your cables efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively while providing exceptional customer service.
  • Expert Advice – Having trouble choosing between CAT5E or CAT6, Rise or Plenum cabling? Don’t know if you need new cabling or just some maintenance? No problem – we help you make the best choice for your office.

Before your network goes down, contact HCANS. Not only can we help you fix something once it has gone wrong, we can prevent a problem from ever happening in the first place.

Real Client Experiences
East Texas Precast is a privately owned business with over 200 employees, but since we have a limited office personnel, we didn’t need in-house IT support, but did need a quick response when IT problems arose. In the past, we had used a service where technicians would visit our site, but this would sometimes take days to occur. In addition, we found the only financially feasible way to use this service was to wait until several IT problems piled up. With Houston Computer And Network Support, we were able to develop a solution that is fiscally responsible and allows us to receive timely IT solutions. HCANS’ remote software allows their staff to correct problems as they occur, and with their simple help desk system, we can receive near-immediate feedback if problems occur. In addition, HCANS has become our one-stop shop for all our IT needs, as we can purchase new equipment from them. Most importantly though, HCANS operates more like a member of our business than just a consultant. They not only understand our computer network and our IT needs, but as people. They have been to events in our lives, both professional and personal. Whether it’s a vendor or a client, that something that I look for in a business partner.
Chris Romani, Sales Associate, East Texas Precast

Quality Structured Cabling and Wiring in Houston

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